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Shree Hindu Union Charitable Hospital

In the year 1984 – due to the national strain in providing health care facilities to population, the Government of Tanzania permitted faith based institutions to provide health care services to the Tanzanian residents. In response to the national request Shree Hindu Union of Arusha decided to convert 2 apartments into a dispensary, in one of its existing buildings along Uhuru road. It was called Shree Hindu Union Dispensary.

Due to the increase in demand Shree Hindu Union decided to extend its health care services further. In 1990 it decided to build another dispensary on a newly acquired plot behind the Hindu temple. The construction finished in 1993. For two years Shree Hindu Union – Arusha owned two different health care facilities in two different places in Arusha. In 1995, medical committee of Shree Hindu Union decided to merge both the facilities into one so as to provide services with better amenities.

From the year 1995 -1998 the newly built health care facility was operating as a dispensary. In 1999 the dispensary was upgraded to a health centre level and it was operating until 2013. In 2013 Shree Hindu Union decided to upgrade further the health care facility from a health centre to a hospital level. The construction finished in June 2015 and is now operating as a hospital.


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